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Patient on walker support armProviding equipment, supplies, and services exclusively to nursing facilities, Reliable Medical Supply is the cost-effective solution to your respiratory, bariatric, and wound care needs. Take a look at our extensive selection of equipment and supplies:

Oxygen Concentrators

All of our oxygen concentrators are manufactured by Respironics. Low-sound level, ease of mobility, reliability, and ease of maintenance make it the cost-effective answer for oxygen therapy.

Everflo ConcentratorConcentrator 10L


Oxygen Cylinders and Supplies

All cylinder sizes are available, as well as, all related equipment.

  • Cylinder storage racks
  • Cylinder carts and stands
  • Shoulder bags
  • Wheelchair cylinder holders
  • Oxygen regulators

All related supplies, such as cannulas, tubing and specialty masks, etc. are in stock in each of our warehouses.

Oxygen cylindersNasal CannulaOxygen regulator

Oxygen Conserving Devices for Cylinders

Conserving DeviceOur “on-demand” regulators extend the life of oxygen cylinders three to four times.



BIPAP & CPAP Machines

We supply a variety of Respironics sleep therapy machines specified by the doctor’s orders, as well as, nasal and full face masks.

  • CPAP
  • CPAP Auto
  • BIPAP Auto

We always make it a point to obtain the settings from the doctor’s orders and lock these settings in prior to set-up in the facility.

CPAP dreamstationDreamstation BIPAPComfort Nasal Maskcomfortgel blue cushion full face mask front upward 3resmed mirage quattro fx mfg mask frame left profile

Pulse Oximeters

Respironics 920MOur Respironics pulse oximeters are designed for spot checking or short-term continuous monitoring and are available with a variety of sensors. Overnight sleep oximeters are also available.




Nebulizer Compressors

NebulizerOur portable nebulizer compressors by Respironics are powerful, compact, and lightweight. The ideal choice for aerosol medication therapy. We can also provide both hand held and mask nebulizer kits.




High Volume Compressors for Tracheostomy Patients

High Volume CompressorOur tracheostomy circuits come completely assembled with a chart for all settings so that your nurses are able to deliver accurate percentages of oxygen as prescribed by the doctor.




Suction Machines

Suction MachineFor a patient, suctioning at best can be a frightening and uncomfortable procedure. The right machines, like the ones provided by Reliable Medical Supply, help make this procedure as smooth as possible.




Mattress Replacement Systems for Wound Care

RecoverAirWhen it comes to pressure ulcers, “an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure.” We have programs available to greatly reduce the cost of using these products, even for extended periods of time. True low air loss therapy and alternating pressure therapy are available to treat stage one through stage four pressure wounds.



Negative Pressure / Wound Care Pumps

Pensar Wound Pro

Our negative pressure wound pumps by Pensar deliver consistent results with three vital therapy options which all include fully adjustable time and pressure settings. Their sleek and lightweight design makes these wound pumps very portable while providing safe and reliable operation.




CPM Machines for Knee Rehabilitation

Our CPM machines are state-of-the-art machines designed specifically for anatomical knee rehabilitation allowing facilities to provide fast, effective knee rehabilitation.


Hospital Beds and Accessories - Low/High & Bariatric

We provide adjustable hospital beds designed for patient comfort and convenient for both the user and caregiver to adjust body position and bed height. Bariatric-size beds are available as well. With facility resident’s comfort and safety in mind, we also provide bed rails, over-the-bed tables, trapeze bars, bedside commodes, IV poles, and other accessories.

Low BedFoam Mattress


Wheel Chairs

Our durable, low-maintenance wheelchairs are available in many standard as well as bariatric sizes. Our compatible oxygen tank holders attach to give facility residents on oxygen therapy increased mobility.

Wheelchair 2Bariatric WheelchairOxygen holder for wheelchair


Patient Lifts

LiftWith their slim design, the hydraulic lifts we provide are versatile enough to use for most patient transfers make handling situations safer for everyone involved. These lifts offer safety, comfort, and stability making them indispensable to patients and caregivers alike.